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Nov 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
as you can see merely 7%. rbs coming out with results this morning. this is the uk bank with a government owned majority and part nationalized lending reporting an increase in third quarter. deutsche telecom considering slashing it dividend according to reports. let's show you where we stand on the currency markets. the dollar today ahead of the u.s. jobs report. we'll show you sterling-dollar slightly weaker. dollar slightly firmer against the aussie. and dollar firmer against the yen. so bond yields are slightly firmer this morning. 144. ten year spanish yields higher. italian yielder slightly higher but pretty contained. ten year treasuries where we were yesterday. let's go to asia. >> following a positive lead from wall street, asian markets wrapped up the trading week in the green. the record $60 billion worth of liquidity into the market this week. shanghai com poise the quaned 2.5% for the week. developers continue to lead the charge as average home prices in china's 100 largest cities up for a fifth straight month in october. blue chips lent support to the hang seng ending at a 15
Oct 30, 2012 5:00am EDT
scrutiny than ever. going into next year, do you expect this to change the tenor around government spending at all? >> well, that's kind of an interesting question here, question have to solve the fiscal cliff first. and the spending in government last month, that was a big hit to gdp last month from government defense spending. the issue is a deficit which is a huge drag long term and the spending of government and a lot of this will depend honestly on who is elected. >> stay with us. first we'll check on the markets to the degree that we can. u.s. futures have been trading in the overnight and morning session. >> currently trading a little bit more than 40 points below fair value. let's show you european markets. a bit higher this morning by good numbers out of ubs and bp. ftse 100 up 35 points. xetra dax up 0.8%. ibex up 0.6%. let's remind you what's going on as far as reinsurers are concerned. impact on hurricane sandy as well. all the big reinsurers are up. this is an expectation maybes wills aren't quite as heavy, but of course if you to get losses, also hardening rates in the long te
Oct 29, 2012 5:00am EDT
congress government has announced pressure measures to curb property speculation given housing prices have surged 20% in the first nine months. elsewhere, shares in taiwan hit a 13 honesty low with htc tumbling 7% after brokers cut its price target. the nikkei ended just a tad below the line, it's actually light trading ahead of tomorrow's boj meeting. honda cut after is an cut in outlook. korean currency strength fell, but some lg units surged on strong earnings. kospi ended flat. the asx 200 managed to to finish marginally in the green. developers and utilities outperformed. sensex now lower by about a quarter of a percent. >> let's take a look at trade in europe and u.s. futures which are trading as usual this morning, dow jones industrial average if it were to open today implied to shed about 55 points. nasdaq and s&p also pointed lower. that largely does cue off the attitude in european trade. it's noted we've seen losses about half a percent across the ftse and xetra dax, cac 40 down 0 on.9%, ibex shedding about half a percent. bonds, whin he left a week or so ago, spanish yields wer
Nov 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
a turn for the worst we get a large macro number, government number or weakness out of europe i can lose less than people playing the earnings momentum game because i own the best and i am short the rest. sector analysis is particularly important technology. people confuse this gigantic group of stocks which comprises more than 15% of the s & p 500 constantly. tech is a whole group of markets. infrastructure stocks, assemblers, each have a separate growth rate. here i like to look at the earnings per share growth rate of the companies i follow versus the individual prices of the sector. the sector growth rate doesn't work even though people keep trying to use it. cloud stocks, for example, are highly valued. price rates to growth earnings are extreme. that means there's no room for error, a chink that could upset the growth rate. in 2011 one of my favorite cloud stocks -- it got pancaked and stayed ugly for a long time. why? because it underperformed its portion of the technology sector even as its growth rate would have been outstanding for say a personal computer-related stock or a dis
Oct 31, 2012 5:00am EDT
government is doing the right thing, they're helping out in the way that they should. here's how i would do things differently. that might be helpful. but it looks like he's dodging questions right now and this is on everybody's mind, so that can't be helpful to him. >> how is turnout likely to be affected? who is this going to benefit the most? >> i think in terms of reducing turnout, that's where it would be less helpful to president obama. he's counting on a lot of people showing up that were in his coalition in 2008. he already has a problem with voter intensity. people are not as excited about his campaign as they were in 2008. he needs his folks to turn out in big numbers. the romney electorate voters are more excited. i don't know that it's going to make that much of a difference in virginia where there's early voting. it's less important who actually shows up on election day. i think to the extent that it does diminish people showing up at the polls at all, that is less helpful to the president, more helpful to mitt romney. folks are going to show up one way or the other. it's the o
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5